Employment and Labor Law

Employee and employer relationships are complex and require preparation of legal documents which will help prevent legal disputes in the future. The Victoria Law Groups understands this matter and helps assist employers with the drafting of these documents as well as in the designing of policies which will help minimize the risk of common employment law disputes such as:
a. wrongful termination
b. unpaid wages
c. breach of contract
d. sexual harassment
e. discrimination
f. non-solicitation enforcement
g. non-compete issues
h. confidentiality breaches

We also assist clients with the evaluation of their personnel policies, handbooks and management training portfolios together with the effective implementation of affirmative action plans. We make a critical analysis of different employment agreements and provide honest opinions relative to the contents of these contract drafts.

The Victoria Law Group provides the most effective business solutions to your human resource concerns. Call our office for any of your employment concerns.