Our bLAWgs

As a Miami-based law firm, we are global and local by nature. Our bLAWgs (blogs from and by lawyers) indicate the positions in which we are thought leaders, subject matter experts, and best-suited to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Our lawyers are a rich mix of people from around the world who provide cultural savvy in addition to language proficiency and legal know-how. We don’t always blawg with our lawyer hat on, we try to provide our readers with interesting, useful, and topical information.

Our blawgs cater to:

• American companies or individuals wanting to do business in Cuba, Brazil, or any other country in which Miami is a natural launching point; or,

• A Foreign company or individual wanting to do business in the United States;

• An individual or company trying to either survive or take advantage of Miami’s disproportionately distressed economy; or,

• Any company or individual curious about Miami.

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