Diversity & Cross-Cultural Expertise

The Victoria Law Group is founded with the mission of delivering an exceptional client experience to all of the many people who call Miami home, and the companies who gateway through Miami to transact business.  As such and by nature, our attorneys, legal specialists, and staff are comprised of a rich mix of people who provide cultural savvy in addition to language proficiency, which gives us the breadth and depth to provide substantial Cross-Cultural Expertise.  In mutual respect, we work collectively, appreciating our shared backgrounds and expertise, to cater to the needs and goals of our clients.

We do not view diversity as a numbers game.  We do not view it as a perfunctory part of a modern firm.  We see diversity as the method by which we win for our clients.  Here are some examples of how we promote Diversity and Cross-Cultural Excellence in the Firm:

In hiring, we actively seek and solicit inquiries from attorneys and staff who:

  • Had prior careers or are older-than-traditional applicants;
  • Have evening or part-time educational credentials;
  • Are differently-abled or physically challenged;
  • Are LGBT;
  • Are admitted in a jurisdiction other than Florida or even outside of the United States.
  • Represent ethnic and/or minority backgrounds.

Our structure inherently allows us to deliver an exceptional client experience in the language of our clients’ preference.