We thought it might be useful to some of our clients to offer a general discussion of “fees” as the concept might apply between attorneys and their clients.

At the Victoria Law Group, we do not have one standard fee arrangement with our clients. We do not treat our clients in a “one size fits all” manner. Instead, we seek to balance the request for the legal services, against the amount of time the request for services will take. We seek input from our clients as to what they believe fair value for the request will be, and we honor all realistic input. Our objective in determining the appropriate fee for any request is to gain the client’s confidence that we are not merely a legal service provider seeking to maximize our own bottom line, but more of a partner in helping them resolve their legal issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

According to the Florida Bar, an attorney should base their fee loosely on four factors:

  1. Degree of difficulty of issues presented by the client’s case;
  2. The amount of time and attention the case will demand;
  3. Experience and skill of the attorney involved; and,
  4. The attorney’s business expenses.

One caveat: No matter which fee arrangement is ultimately chosen, it is highly advisable for all clients to have a written and signed fee agreement with their attorney in order to help eliminate surprises. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion of fees as they might pertain to your particular matter.