Our Vision

A Dialog, a Fresh Approach

The idea for the Victoria Law Group crystallized in late 2009 when a group of international business lawyers began a dialog about their practice and their lives. We reached certain collective conclusions:

  1. We love practicing law; and,
  2. We love our clients.

On the other hand, we also concluded:

  1. We do not like the law firm environment; and,
  2. In-house can be equally prickly.

Overall, we concluded that the old law firm model – churn and burn the billable hour and the young attorney — is outdated, at best, and the economic climate combined with clients facing intense budgetary pressures are demanding that firms adapt. Most importantly, we did not think the old model served the clients all that well.

We decided, we would build a law firm that works well for both the practitioner and the client.

We wanted to develop an international law firm with attorneys from top-tier backgrounds and experience who would be able to cater to clients of all sizes and adapt to the changing business world.

Our Model: Law Firm 2.5

Our model will appear seamless to our clients, except when they receive their bill. They will be astonished by the value we deliver. While we share some similarities with the traditional law practice in that we have an elegant office in the heart of Miami’s financial district on Brickell Avenue for those clients who like and/or need face time with their attorney from time to time, we rely heavily on technology to create both a physical and virtual working environment that is not only a pleasant work space but is also conducive to delivering unparalleled client service. This balance allows us to manage overhead, while allowing our attorneys to manage their practice and their client relationships.

Alternative Billing: Because of our low overhead, we have the ability to represent small, medium and large companies because we can provide them with a fee structure that truly reflects the nature of the work, the time demands involved, and the expertise necessary to complete the matter.

Security/Technology: Security and confidentiality are of utmost importance to our clients and we have responded by building an industry leading suite of services. Many of our Software platforms are web-based, so our attorneys can work from anywhere they can get an internet connections, and at anytime they need to. Plus, we employ cloud computing techniques where possible in order to have local and distributed redundancy of client files.

Our Attorneys

Our attorneys have prior work experience in large, well-regarded law firms, and in-house counsel positions with multinational businesses. Our attorneys will bring their individual experience to bear on your matter, in a supportive Team environment, in which we benefit from the collective experience of the group.

We value the fact that we bring different life experiences and cultural backgrounds to the table, and we think it provides our clients with better service.

In addition to English, lawyers of the Victoria Law Group speak Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, French, German, and we are adding language proficiencies all the time to support our client base. Also in addition to Florida, our attorneys are admitted in jurisdictions throughout the United States and in countries around the world.

Our Name

The Victoria Law Group!

We needed a name that was both practical and reflective of who we are. On the practical side, we needed something we could trademark, and for which we could secure a URL. From a symbolic perspective, we wanted something which elegantly reflects the international nature of our firm.

So…“La Victoria” was the first ship to circumnavigate the globe pursuing a “spice route”, trade. It was the only surviving ship from Magellan’s original fleet to make it back to Spain, Magellan himself was killed in Asia. Also, “la victoria” means “victory” in Spanish, the Sun never set on Queen Victoria’s Commonwealth, the most dynamic city in Asia, Hong Kong, is situated around Victoria Harbour, Africa’s biggest Lake is named Victoria, and the name Victoria still carries the warmth of a person’s name.

So, “The Victoria Law Group” it is.

Contact the Victoria Law Group

For additional information or to schedule a private consultation with a lawyer, please Contact Us by e-mail [email protected] or call 305.609.9099.