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Do You Speak Mandarin? The Chinese Are Here

What do you get when you mix an insatiable appetite for expansion with a boatload of cash? China! Coming to a neighborhood near you.

With confidence in their hometown markets fading, Chinese investors are continuing to throw billions of dollars at United States real estate.

In the first half of this year, companies with Chinese backers accounted for $5 billion worth of U.S. real estate purchases, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Macy’s building near Lincoln Road quietly marketed for sale, could fetch $80M

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Haiti in Club Med Revival: Destination Haiti

Haiti in Club Med Revival: Destination Haiti

Lucio Garcia-Mansilla had long heard about the former Club Med property tucked along the Haitian Riviera, 123 acres lined with lush vegetation and a mile-long expanse of white sand.
But it wasn’t until decades later — when Haiti’s investment climate began to welcome international brands — that the Argentine founder of Colombia-based Decameron Hotels & Resorts would get there.

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Turkey Spends Over $1M on its New, Miami Embassy. I Think They’ll Stay for Awhile

If you spend money in a place, it usually means you like it.  If you spend a lot of money in a place, it usually means you’ll be staying for a while.  With the new non-stop airline route from MIA to Ankarra, I think the Turks are getting comfortable in Miami.

Amicon Construction is putting the finishing touches on Turkey’s new Miami consulate. Turkish-born and U.S.-based Murat Mutlu designed the 7,500-square-foot space in the Brickell City Tower, at 80 Southwest Eighth Street.

The Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey’s new consulate features a modern, monochromatic design, and ballistic-rated glass, wall paneling and doors, Amicon project manager Jay Richmond told The Real Deal. He said the cost of the buildout was more than $1 million. It includes a reception area with multiple teller stations. “When you’re doing a high-security buildout, you’re dealing with materials from specialty manufacturers with long lead times,” Richmond said.

While the space opened in time for the Turkish election in November, the consulate is still tweaking finishes and has yet to hold a grand opening reception. Other tenants of the 33-story office building include Uber, Verizon, Lamex Agrifoods, Inlingua Language School, Chase Bank, Moye restaurant, the Beacon Council and the Consulate General of Japan.

Property records show that Banyan Street Capital owns the building. Danet Linares, vice chair of Blanca Commercial Real Estate, is the building’s exclusive leasing agent. Linares told TRD Brickell City Tower is currently 87 percent occupied with two new leases that will bring its occupancy up to 93 percent.

The Turkish consulate signed a 10-year lease about a year ago and moved into a temporary space in the building before the new office was ready. “Their space required a complete renovation,” Linares said. Amicon also built out the space of the French consulate in the Espirito Santo building nearby at 1395 Brickell Avenue.

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China not Amused by Taiwan’s 1st Female President

China not Amused by Taiwan’s 1st Female President

“Sisters are doing it for themselves”, and their broth-ers seem not to be cool with that. For example, Tai-wan elected Tsai Ing-wen as its first female presi-dent Saturday, handing her pro-independence party its first majority in the national legislature and reject-ing the China-friendly party that has led the self-governing island for eight years.

The result seems to be deeply unsettling to China, which may respond by further reducing Taipei’s al-ready limited ability to win diplomatic allies and participate in international organizations.

In a statement issued after Tsai’s win, the Chinese Cabinet’s body for handling Taiwan affairs reaf-firmed its opposition to Taiwan independence, but said it would work to maintain peace and stability between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. It’s the Asian Century just in case you’re not paying attention.

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New Congress in Venezuela Anticipates Tension


Well, yeah, what did you expect?

In what’s likely a sign of things to come, the inaugural session of Venezuela’s National Assembly on Tuesday devolved into shouting, shoving and recrimination as the opposition took control of the body for the first time in 17 years.

The ruling-party delegation, long accustomed to holding sway in the legislature, stormed out of congress as they accused their rivals of violating internal regulations.

But beyond the posturing and brinkmanship, the opposition bloc laid out the guidelines of what they said would be their program to rescue the country.

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Carnival Eying Up China

Planning a cruise out of China? Miami’s Carnival Cruise Line can help you. Furthering its push into China, Carnival Corp. earlier this week announced plans to pursue joint ventures that could see the cruise giant owning ships and developing ports and infrastructure with a Chinese development company. Doral-based Carnival, which expects to carry 500,000 cruise passengers in China this year, was scheduled to formally sign a memorandum of understanding in Shenzhen with China Merchants Group. Seems like those Communists sure like spending money!


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Asia: Gambling Boom Staying Local

Although Genting has so far been unsuccessful in cracking the U.S. Market through a substantial toehold in Miami, that hasn’t stopped its competitors from expanding in their own back yard.  Inspired by the success of Macau and Singapore, gambling entrepreneurs are building glitzy Las Vegas-style resorts all over the Asia.  The Chinese may have been slow to capitalism, but they seem to be quick studies when it comes to materialism.

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China Eases Access To Some Service Industries for Foreigners

This is interesting news because there’s only so far that one can race to the bottom in service industries, and it’s hard to imagine that China can have a competitive advantage in the service industry.  Nonetheless, China has eased restrictions on foreign companies in parts of its insurance, travel and delivery industries in a possible effort to reverse a slide in investment from abroad, an American business group said recently.  Not sure if this will be enough to interest Western investors who are have not shown a lot of interest in the sectors thus far.

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China Says ‘Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds’

The U.S. Presidential candidates are trying to outdo each other in the ‘tough on China’ category.  Truth is, there’s only so much anyone can do before you really piss China off.  And if Malcolm Gladwell is observing, we’re almost at that tipping point.  An analysis carried by China’s state Xinhua newswire signaled fraying patience over ‘China-bashing’ in the presidential campaign.  As China firms itself upon the economic superpower role, they better adjust to some mudslinging from time to time.  After all, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, China is the country we love to hate, the J.R. Ewing of the world.

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