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Miami is New Lifestyle City According to CNN

Work hard, play hard. The combination of the Millenials and the Latin American influence make Miami a perfect place to attempt to achieve that work/life balance. Holly Firfer takes a look at how you can experience Miami while you get work done. Maybe you can have it all, in Miami.

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Miami in Push to be Tech Hub Through eMerge Americas

Miami, people, tech, networking, a possibility? When Manny Medina and Pitbull virtually rang the Nasdaq closing bell in the center of eMerge Americas with a crowd of people cheering them on, it seemed to symbolize that it is Miami’s time to shine

“It’s kind of ironic, as the CEO of a Nasdaq company (Terremark), I never got to ring the bell,” quipped Medina, the founder of the technology conference eMerge Americas, which opened Monday and continues Tuesday at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Tech pioneer Medina, who founded and sold Terremark in 2011, has a big mission for eMerge Americas: to help build South Florida into a tech hub of the Americas. But he said he never expected as much momentum toward the goal in Year 2. He credited much of that extra buzz to eMerge’s partnership with NBCUniversal and its 147-million viewer reach. Indeed, many of the network’s programs were filming from eMerge, including MSNBC’s The Rundown with Jose Diaz-Balart and CNBC’s Fast Money.

Medina said attendance will be well over the expected 10,000 people, and more people were streaming in Monday afternoon. More than 500 companies — from start-ups to giants — are participating this year, representing more than 50 countries. For Year 2, “we have been overwhelmed by the interest and excitement — I couldn’t be more proud of the progress,” Medina said.

Read Nancy Dahlberg’s, Chabeli Herrera’s, and Jane Woodbridge’s Miami Herald article here:

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Kickstarter Kickstarts a New Miami Men’s Kicks Co

Shoes, men’s shoes to be more specific, got a crowdfunding boost from Kickstarter.  When a local Miami “shoelry” got tired of men’s shoes in boring brown, he set out to create soles with soul. Kabeer Arora’s father and grandfather were shoemakers, and he grew up in their factories in India. To carry on the family tradition — but with a modern twist — he designed and created a line of men’s dress shoes that go well beyond the basic brown and black. His Kabaccha Italian leather wingtips and loafers come in colors like light gray, blue and green. Even the more classic brown and black styles carry a Kabaccha signature throughout the line: colorful soles, including red, light blue and purple.


After his training in the trenches, Arora, 27, studied footwear design in London and Milan. In 2007, he moved to Miami and about a year ago began creating his line. Fast forward to now, and his small Miami office (and makeshift photo studio) is awash in Italian-made sample shoes of various color combinations — styles he hopes will retail for $200 to $250 a pair. “Why don’t men have colorful shoes?” he asked, holding up a royal blue pair of loafers. “These complete the look.”  Perhaps he’ll be the Christian Louboutin for men, long heels, red bottoms.


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Finance Industry Blossoming in Miami

New York, London, Dubai, Singapore…Miami?  Yes, believe it.  While Miami’s finance scene may never blossom into “Wall Street South” — recent efforts to attract hedge funds and other investment firms to South Florida are starting to pay off. “We’ve seen huge growth in businesses that used to be tangential parts of the industry here,” said Juan Carlos Campuzano, president of Oberlin Wealth Partners, an Ohio-based investment advisor that opened a Brickell office in 2013.  The Downtown Development Authority, the Beacon Council and others are leading the charge.

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Bacardi Rum Gets Design Makeover

To paraphrase: “A Rum by any other label, would still taste as sweet.” After more than a decade, Bacardi Rum is getting a redesign. The company announced Wednesday on its 153rd anniversary that it’s releasing new packaging with an Art Deco-influenced style. The Bacardi bat logo represents good fortune, good health and family unity and was influenced by drawings from the early 1900s. The label draws from fonts used at the Art Deco El Edificio Bacardi, the brand’s former sales office and bar in Havana, Cuba.

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Carnival Eying Up China

Planning a cruise out of China? Miami’s Carnival Cruise Line can help you. Furthering its push into China, Carnival Corp. earlier this week announced plans to pursue joint ventures that could see the cruise giant owning ships and developing ports and infrastructure with a Chinese development company. Doral-based Carnival, which expects to carry 500,000 cruise passengers in China this year, was scheduled to formally sign a memorandum of understanding in Shenzhen with China Merchants Group. Seems like those Communists sure like spending money!


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The Victoria Law Group Small Business Holiday Event at Mana Wynwood

Last Saturday, The Victoria Law Group in conjunction with the Biscayne Bay Kiwanis Club and Daniela Blue Event Productions held our Future Miami Holiday Party as a fundraiser for Project Eliminate.

To find out more about this hot new Event location in the heart of Miami’s Art District check out or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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Another Tech Deal Done in Miami, with Belgian Flavor

The entrepreneurial dream:  start a company, grow a company, cash out and move on to the next.  For a South Florida entrepreneur and a former University of Miami heart surgeon who teamed up two and half years ago to create a medical device company for cardiac surgery that’s exactly what they’re doing. CorQuest Medical has been sold to a publicly traded Belgian company that aims to take its technology to market.  In other words, the founders are looking at new homes.

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Carnival Offers High Speed on the High Seas

Carnival Corp. recently announced it has developed a new wireless network that will deliver faster Wi-Fi to passengers and crew. The world’s largest cruise company said its entire 101-ship fleet, spread across nine global brands, will eventually use the technology. Doral-based Carnival expects its total investment to be about $10 million for the hybrid network that combines satellite and land-based technologies.  So now, you’ll be able to work while you’re on the cruise defeating the purpose of the cruise.  But hey, that’s how we’re living these days.  Who needs shuffleboard!

Read Hannah Sampson’s Miami Herald article here:

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