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Haiti in Club Med Revival: Destination Haiti

Haiti in Club Med Revival: Destination Haiti

Lucio Garcia-Mansilla had long heard about the former Club Med property tucked along the Haitian Riviera, 123 acres lined with lush vegetation and a mile-long expanse of white sand.
But it wasn’t until decades later — when Haiti’s investment climate began to welcome international brands — that the Argentine founder of Colombia-based Decameron Hotels & Resorts would get there.

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Turkey Spends Over $1M on its New, Miami Embassy. I Think They’ll Stay for Awhile

If you spend money in a place, it usually means you like it.  If you spend a lot of money in a place, it usually means you’ll be staying for a while.  With the new non-stop airline route from MIA to Ankarra, I think the Turks are getting comfortable in Miami.

Amicon Construction is putting the finishing touches on Turkey’s new Miami consulate. Turkish-born and U.S.-based Murat Mutlu designed the 7,500-square-foot space in the Brickell City Tower, at 80 Southwest Eighth Street.

The Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey’s new consulate features a modern, monochromatic design, and ballistic-rated glass, wall paneling and doors, Amicon project manager Jay Richmond told The Real Deal. He said the cost of the buildout was more than $1 million. It includes a reception area with multiple teller stations. “When you’re doing a high-security buildout, you’re dealing with materials from specialty manufacturers with long lead times,” Richmond said.

While the space opened in time for the Turkish election in November, the consulate is still tweaking finishes and has yet to hold a grand opening reception. Other tenants of the 33-story office building include Uber, Verizon, Lamex Agrifoods, Inlingua Language School, Chase Bank, Moye restaurant, the Beacon Council and the Consulate General of Japan.

Property records show that Banyan Street Capital owns the building. Danet Linares, vice chair of Blanca Commercial Real Estate, is the building’s exclusive leasing agent. Linares told TRD Brickell City Tower is currently 87 percent occupied with two new leases that will bring its occupancy up to 93 percent.

The Turkish consulate signed a 10-year lease about a year ago and moved into a temporary space in the building before the new office was ready. “Their space required a complete renovation,” Linares said. Amicon also built out the space of the French consulate in the Espirito Santo building nearby at 1395 Brickell Avenue.

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China not Amused by Taiwan’s 1st Female President

China not Amused by Taiwan’s 1st Female President

“Sisters are doing it for themselves”, and their broth-ers seem not to be cool with that. For example, Tai-wan elected Tsai Ing-wen as its first female presi-dent Saturday, handing her pro-independence party its first majority in the national legislature and reject-ing the China-friendly party that has led the self-governing island for eight years.

The result seems to be deeply unsettling to China, which may respond by further reducing Taipei’s al-ready limited ability to win diplomatic allies and participate in international organizations.

In a statement issued after Tsai’s win, the Chinese Cabinet’s body for handling Taiwan affairs reaf-firmed its opposition to Taiwan independence, but said it would work to maintain peace and stability between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. It’s the Asian Century just in case you’re not paying attention.

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New Congress in Venezuela Anticipates Tension


Well, yeah, what did you expect?

In what’s likely a sign of things to come, the inaugural session of Venezuela’s National Assembly on Tuesday devolved into shouting, shoving and recrimination as the opposition took control of the body for the first time in 17 years.

The ruling-party delegation, long accustomed to holding sway in the legislature, stormed out of congress as they accused their rivals of violating internal regulations.

But beyond the posturing and brinkmanship, the opposition bloc laid out the guidelines of what they said would be their program to rescue the country.

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Russian Gang Deep in Stolen I.D. Data


Russian Gang Deep in Stolen I.D. Data


The internet makes it much easier for criminals to steal information, no matter where they are. In the latest and one of the largest cybercrime activities, a Russian crime ring has amassed the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials, including 1.2 billion user name and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses, security researchers announced recently. I don’t know how we survive without the internet, but every precaution must be taken. As if we didn’t already know that.

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Russia Refuses Money from the United States

“Nyet to Uncle Sam” might have been the refrain from Vladimir Putin. It may come as a surprise to most of us that the U.S. has been sending aid – to the tune of about $3 Billion (with a “B”) a year – to the Russians for nearly two decades. Seems our former Cold War enemy liked greenbacks as much as any other developing economy. Not anymore. The Russians, with their fuel driven BRIC economy, have decided they don’t want our money anymore. I don’t know if it’s a good sign or a bad sign that the Russians no longer want our money.

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Russian Oil Firm to Buy Into BP

Must be nice to be an oil oligarch.  There is nothing your eyes can behold that your wallet cannot obtain.  The latest example of such largess and profligacy:  Russian oil giant Rosneft is buying into a BP joint venture.  The deal means the state-owned company will leapfrog Exxon Mobil to become the world’s largest publicly traded producer of oil and gas.  Wasn’t too long ago, the Russians were communists, right?  Seems no one know capitalism quite like the oligarchs.

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Russia Pursuing Graft

Charging someone with corruption in Russia is like handing out speeding tickets at the Daytona 500.  Russia is so far down the Corruption Perception Index that Nigeria looks down on it.  Can you imagine!  Well, news that two new big corruption cases have been opened in Russia just days after a graft investigation brought down the minister of defense, is, well, news.  But really?  You mean there’s gambling going on in Casablanca?  I’m shocked.

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In Russia the New Mantra: “Don’t Steal…So Much”

Here’s an admission:  I sometimes feel sorry for criminals.  Not the dumb ones who know what they are doing is wrong but — even though there is substantial evidence to the contrary — they think they’re smarter than everyone else.  Not the cruel ones, who carry out gratuitous violence just for the sake of it.  No.  I sometimes feel sorry for the ones who’s criminal conduct was not deemed criminal just a few hours before they were ensnared.  They just happen to be without a chair when the music stopped, when they had no idea to suspect that the music would ever stop.

Take the Russian oligarchs for example.  No one suspects that the Russian oligarchy is the product of any kind of a meritocracy.  Everyone, and by that I mean “everyone”, suspects that if you have uber-wealth in Russia you stole it.  However, because you were given the green light by the powers that be, and perhaps were even sanctioned in your efforts as long as the proper patronage was paid, you were as legitimate as any entrepreneur anywhere in the world.

Now, for those unfortunate souls who steal without the safety net of pious indifference, the times they are a’changin’, even in Russia.

The latest example:  Ripples of scandal are spreading in Russia’s Far East, where, auditors say, $476 million in construction financing was misallocated ahead of a government summit meeting.

While that may seem like a lot of Rubles to go missing nowadays, it was merely a few Rubles between friends in the Russian oligarchy.  “You can have yours, as long as I get mine”, kind of thing.

What has changed?  The Russian people are fed up.

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Putin to Fight Corruption in Russia. Wait, What?

In South Florida, the biggest impact may be in Sunny Isles, the area often called Little Odessa.  There, as much as anywhere in South Florida, is where the Russian oligarchs ostentatiously display both their earned and ill-gotten gains.  If Pootie Poot Putin has is way, that may all change, and fast.  Russia President Vladimir Putin tells government officials he wants to restrict their ability to have foreign bank accounts and investments.  He recently stunned Vladimir Putin stunned high-level officials Wednesday by proposing restrictions on their ability to possess Western bank accounts and own real estate abroad.  The message:  “Don’t steal…so much”.

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Putin to Fight Corruption in Russia. Wait What