Clients and Case Studies

Below is a sampling of the clients and matters The Victoria Law Group has represented or is continuing to represent in the following Practice Areas:


Business Immigration

Contracts and Contract Disputes


Project Finance

General Counsel Services


Business and Commercial Transactions

International Business


Real Estate Law


Represented the Respondent in a Franchise Dispute.

Arbitrated a Real Estate Dispute in accordance with the Miami Association of Realtors’ Guidelines.



Represented a Creditor in a Commercial Chapter 11 filed by a construction company.

Represented the Debtor in a Commercial Chapter 11.

Represented the Debtor in a Consumer Chapter 13.

Represented the Debtor in a Corporate Chapter 7 of a construction services company.

Represented several Debtors in Consumer Chapter 7 Cases.

Business Immigration

Represented several clients in obtaining their L-1 Visas

Represented several clients in obtaining their E-Visas

Represented several clients in obtaining H-1B Visa Status

Working with clients on obtaining a U.S. green card through the EB-5 Visa


Business and Commercial Transactions

Formed several business entities for local and international individuals and corporations

Dissolved several business entities for local and international individuals and corporations

Assisted a Brazil-based educational company in obtaining its license to operate in the State of Florida, and establish a subsidiary here in the United States.

Represent several clients before the United States Government in obtaining licensing, certifications, and contracts.

Represent ISOs, Issuers, Merchants, and other entities in the Credit Card industry.

Assisted a foreign aviation company in purchasing aircraft in the United States.


Contracts and Contract Disputes

Drafted an international distribution agreement in Brazil for a U.S.-based technology company.

Negotiated a Purchase and Sale Agreement for the purchase of fine art.

Drafted an employment agreement for a Private Equity employee.

Negotiated a termination agreement for a client taking a position with a different employer.

Created a Consulting Agreement template for client’s consulting business.

Drafted several settlement agreements for clients wishing to resolve disputes without litigation.

Created a Representation Agreement to use as a template for a client to acquire clients.



Helped a dual citizen of the U.S and Colombia establish an investment fund for investment in Colombia.

Represent a financier in providing business loans to business throughout South Florida.

Serve as Paymaster for transactions involving gold and diamonds, and other consideration.


International Business

Angola: Helped a U.S. supplier establish business relations and facilities in Angola.

Argentina: Helped a U.S.-based business owned by Argentinean citizens recover money from an Argentinean, and a U.S. entity.

Bolivia: Managed local counsel for a U.S company dealing with a Bolivian export matter.

Brazil: Helped several U.S. companies establish subsidiaries in Brazil and conduct business in Brazil.

Brazil: Helping Brazilian citizens acquire U.S. Visas for work, travel, and residency.

Brazil: Helping Brazilian citizens with family matters in the U.S. and Brazil.

Brazil: Assist a Brazilian Aviation company in purchasing aircraft in the U.S.

Canada: Represented several Canadian Mining entities in acquiring assets in Latin America and exploring new opportunities throughout the Region.

Central America: Help Central Americans in recovering money from Central Americans with assets in the United States.

Central America: Helped U.S. companies establish call centers in Central America.

Congo: Work with commodities traders based in Miami, Belgium, and the Republic of Congo.

Cuba: Represented an individual against the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in recovering funds wrongfully confiscated

Cuba: Represented clients in the application process before OFAC.

Cuba: Advised and counseled several clients in doing business in Cuba, and Travel to Cuba.

France: Helping a French company bid for projects in the United States, and pursue business opportunities in South Florida.

Guyana: Worked with a Guyanese company in the recovery of assets in the United States.

India: Helped an Indian company expand operations to Brazil.

Kuwait: Assisting a Kuwaiti citizen in pursuing business opportunities globally.

Mexico: Assisting Mexican citizens and entities in pursuing business opportunities through NAFTA, and separately in Brazil and other countries in the Region.

Panama: Assisted U.S. citizen in doing business in Panama with a technology company.

Spain: Represented a Spanish distribution company in a mediation with a U.S. company, avoiding litigation.

United States: Selected and managed outside counsel for a U.S. company expanding simultaneously to several countries in the Latin American and Caribbean Region.

United States: Helped several U.S. Companies expand to Brazil and other countries in the Region.

Venezuela: Helping several Venezuelan individuals and entities in acquiring Florida real estate, businesses, and other assets.

Zimbabwe: Helped launch a subsidiary of a Zimbabwe based exporter of food products from South Florida.



Recovering monies owed to several clients.

Defended the proprietary rights of a small business owner in dispute with former business partner.

Pursued a client’s former business partner for breach of contract and civil theft.

Defended a unit owner in a dispute with his Condo Association

Forced the enforcement of a client’s warranty with national automobile dealer.

Represented a plaintiff in a Defamation lawsuit.


Real Estate

The Firm has represented citizens from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, India, and several other jurisdictions to acquire real estate in the U.S. and establish the appropriate business entities both in the U.S. and in foreign jurisdictions.

Assisted a foreign-owned entity in acquiring real estate in South Florida and establishing its business operations in Broward County.

Represented several condo owners in the sale of their condo units to a large developer on Miami Beach.

Negotiated several Commercial Leases on behalf of clients.

Provided Title Insurance for Residential and Commercial real estate transaction.


External General Counsel

EGC for a National Moving Company.

Handle U.S. and Brazilian legal matters for a South Florida Manufacturer.

Handle all legal matters except litigation for a South Florida Financial Company.

EGC for a South Florida-based credit card company.

EGC for a Miami Beach Condo Owner’s Association.