If you are reading this because you are an attorney actively looking for a better situation, we might suggest that you first read Chapter 5 of the book by Malcolm Gladwell entitled “Outliers”.

With clients under pressure to manage costs and large firms favoring institutional clients in potential conflicts, we think this is an excellent time to offer an alternative to clients large and small. The Victoria Law Group is actively seeking lawyers to join us, because as we add breadth and depth to our practice with the addition of great lawyers, the business model works better for everyone.

Our Ideal Attorney Candidates

  • Solo Practitioners: Miami-based solo practitioners who possess complementary Practice Areas and Languages, and who desire to work in an intellectually rigorous and yet collegial environment without the  feel of a traditional Law Firm, and without the overhead and headaches of running your own practice.
  • Foreign Born Foreign Admitted U.S. LLM’s: Foreign attorneys who have distinguished themselves in their home countries and offer specialized knowledge and are eager to contribute to a multi-national practice.
  • Telecommuting Partners: Geographically distributed attorneys with their own book of business who can practice from any location, but want to work less than the demanding schedule required by big law, need back end support, and don’t want the face-time requirements of big law.

Our Ideal Candidates have the following individual characteristics in common:

  • Is an excellent attorney;
  • Has law firm and/or real world experience;
  • Is a Subject Matter Expert;
  • Is fluent in at least one language in addition to English;
  • Has spent some significant and meaningful time outside of the United States;
  • Has an accomplished and distinguished past, either as an attorney or not;
  • Has an interesting life outside of work and is an interesting person generally. Can pass the “cross-country flight test”;
  • Takes pride and ownership in their work product;
  • Has a passion for and excels at client satisfaction;
  • Thrives in an entrepreneurial environment;
  • Can be an independent member of a team;
  • Can commit to the success of a team;
  • Sees the glass as half full and embraces the opportunity of each day;
  • Is a self-starter and independent;
  • Has demonstrated a belief in something larger than themselves;
  • Has the complementary language skills and complementary practices we seek;

The list is long, but at the same time could easily continue. In short, we’re looking for smart, great people who have complementary skills and expertise. The complementary Practice Areas we seek are:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Employment
  • Energy and Exploration
  • Foreign Investment
  • Health Care Law
  • Immigration & Naturalization
  • International Arbitration
  • International Tax
  • Litigation
  • Mexican Law
  • Real Estate
  • Securities

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