Joint Venture Agreements

Joint venture agreements are both complex and esoteric. It requires a competent attorney who can assist individuals, corporations and companies with the precise drafting and finalization of their joint venture agreements which includes the greatest flexibility possible that will be of great advantage to both parties entering into an agreement without compromising the equity of either partner.
The Victoria Law Group is highly experienced in handling a wide variety of issues which may arise due to joint venture agreements. Thus we offer creative and effective solutions to prevent legal disputes from arising in the future. To do so, we meticulously review the following issues embedded in most joint venture agreements:
a. insurance coverage
b. state and local transfer taxes
c. terms of management agreements
d. labor and employment benefit issues
e. application of foreign laws if necessary
f. financial reporting and record keeping tasks
g. indemnification of partners in the joint venture
h. representations and warranties form each partners
i. restrictive covenants which must be adhered by both parties
j. intellectual property issues which includes trademarks, patents and copyright issues