Mexico Looking for Bright Future with New Prez

I am a big believer in Mexico, that is, if they can get their sh*t together.  And why not?  They’ve got everything: oil, agriculture, tourism, willing trading partners to the North (NAFTA), and an industrious, hard-working core population.  What they don’t have – and the U.S. is not exactly one to talk (see pot calling kettle black) – is good governance.  When it comes to corruption and nepotism, Mexico is in a global league of one, unrivaled. Now, glamour boy-wonder President Enrique Peña Nieto and his telenovela wife are the hope of a new generation (sort of like Luke Skywalker). Although he is a return to the past of the PRI, he is also a breath of fresh air.  PRI Redux.  What Mexicans are hoping is that this new leader has brought the party back new and improved, and that he will be able to bring some security – economic, martical, and fiscal – to all of Mexico.   I, for one, will be rooting for him.  I like my Mexican vacation destinations as much as the next guy.

Read Mark Stevenson and Olga R. Rodriguez’s Miami Herald article here:

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