Money in Africa! 55 Billionaires to be Exact

I’ve long been one of those people who thought Africa would get its act together in my lifetime.  The way things, are going, I’m not sure, but there’s certainly hope in pockets.  Many parts of Africa are so rich in natural resources and minerals that they can survive a civil war, a rogue dictator, and even pockets of abject lawlessness.  Oil, diamonds, and gold, carry a lot of weight in the developed world, and a relative small part of the population is raking it in.  A pan-African magazine says Africa has many more billionaires than previously reported, 55 of them worth more than $143 billion including a Nigerian said to be the richest black woman in the world.  Don’t sleep on Africa.

Read Michelle Faul’s Miami Herald article here:

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Money in Africa!  55 Billionaires to be Exact