Non-U.S. Tourists Leading Mexican Tourism Growth

Everyone talks about the “BRIC” countries.  However, the keen investor has already moved on to the MIST countries:  Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey.  And all indications are that Mexico is really on the move, economically.  Recently, they’ve discover even more oil, they are already the largest gold producer in the Region, and just for kicks, Mexico defeated Brazil in the London Olympics for the gold medal in Men’s Soccer, Neymar and all.  Now, they’re killing it in tourism.

Safety issues for foreigners are generally overstated.  Combined with the fact that in large parts of our Southern neighbor, anything goes.  You can get whatever you want and can’t get in the United States, including prescription medication, at a fraction of the price.  Add to it that Mexico is a gateway to the U.S.  And even as the number of travelers from the U.S. dropped a measly 1%, in the first half of the year, Mexico reported a 77% increase in visitors from Russia, a 61% jump from Brazil and a 38% bump from Venezuela.

Montezuma and his kin knew what they were doing when they settled in what is today Mexico City.  Now, if the Mexicans can capitalize on their many blessings, they could turn themselves into an economic juggernaut, and exact Montezuma’s real revenge.  He who has the gold makes the rules.

Read Hugo Martín’s Los Angeles Times article here:


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