Business Formation

The Victoria Law Group understands that there are always risks in the formation of businesses. We offer assistance with the explanation of various business matters such as partnership agreements, articles of incorporation, operating agreements and by laws. We also provide representation and advice with regards to business formation issues including the following:
a. C corporations
b. S corporations
c. Limited Liability Companies
d. Internet based business
e. Mail Order business
f. Fiduciary Responsibility
g. Zoning Issues
h. OSHA Requirements
i. Indemnification of the board
j. Articles of Incorporation
k. Bylaws

Our attorneys will help protect your assets by recommending economical solutions which can decrease your tax liability. We will discuss all possible options you may have which will assist in reducing your expenses and producing increased profits.

We help strengthen the position of our clients in the market place and we do so by giving them a firm legal footing with their initial business decisions.