The Victoria Law Group is extremely knowledgeable of the essential ingredients which will make a franchising agreement work in accordance with the franchisor’s standards without trampling on the legal rights of the franchisee. We understand how complicated franchise agreements are and will help address critical issues involving the prospective franchisee and franchisor to avoid business misunderstandings in the future.
Our attorneys can help address your concerns pertaining to different matters involved in franchising including the following:
a. Anti-competitive Restrictions on Owners or Employees
b. Contractual Waiver of Significant Legal Rights
c. Restrictions on Transferability of Ownership
d. Restriction on Product or Services Outsourcing
e. Territorial Encroachment
f. Degree of Good Faith to be Exercised in Contractual Dealing
g. Negotiability of Standard Form Contracts
h. Rights and Obligations During the Franchised Relationships, Upon its Termination and even beyond the time of termination
i. Business or Organizational Competence of the Franchisor