Immigration (Business and Investments) Law

The Victoria Law Group offers services to employers and employees, temporary workers, contract workers, and business visitors who require assistance with their visas, investor visas and visa extensions. We will take the necessary legal steps for you to reach your objectives by providing assistance with the following services:
Non-Immigrant Visas:
E2 Visa for Investors
H3 Visa for Job Training
B1 Business Travel Visa
J1 Exchange Visitor Visa
R1 Religious Worker Visa
H1B Visa: Specialty Occupation
H2B Visa: Temporary/Seasonal Workers
Alternative Statuses for Canadian Workers
H1 Alternative Status for Mexican Workers
L1 Visa: Intra-company Transfer for Executives

Immigrant Visas:
EB-1: Employment First Preference or Visa for individuals with extra-ordinary abilities
EB-2: Employment Second Preference or Visa for Graduate Professionals
EB-3: Employment Third Preference or Visa for Skilled Workers with due certifications
EB-4: Employment Fourth Preference or Visa for Religious Workers who wish to obtain permanent residency
EB-5: Employment Fifth Preference or Visa for Investors
P Visas: Professional athletes, entertainers and artists Visas
R Visas: Religious Work Visas

Our attorneys and legal staff will assist you with fully completing regulatory compliance documents which will hasten your immigration process. We will assist with the filing of your I-9 and H-1B forms. We also offer representation for clients who face audit proceedings before the Department of Labor and assist clients whose presence is requested by the federal court or other administrative agencies.