Internet – Cyberspace Law

Internet crimes are prosecuted both in the federal and state courts and, therefore, if you have been charged with any of the following internet crimes, it is best to hire competent legal counsel who is experienced in the field of cyberspace law:
a. Conspiracies
b. Fraud
c. Internet Gambling for both offshore and domestic transactions
d. Internet Pharmacies for both offshore and domestic transactions
e. Illegal Media Distribution like unlawful movie and music downloading
f. Internet Piracy
g. Copyright Infringement
h. Pornography particularly child pornography involving receipt and transmission of illicit images of these innocent victims.

Alternatively, if your company has been a victim of the above mentioned internet crimes we are more than willing to provide you with the most potent legal actions which will bring justice to your case. There are dozens of internet activities which are considered violations of a company’s right such as the illegal downloads of pictures, videos, audio’s and the copying of content from websites. Let us provide you with the best defensive and offensive strategy for your case and allow our expert internet attorneys to identify the legal methodologies which can assist you with these internet crimes.