Joint Ventures

If you are thinking of embarking on a joint venture, get in touch with The Victoria Law Group and we will provide you with creative, efficient and cost-effective solutions to your joint venture goals and aspirations.

The Victoria Law Group assists individuals who wish to pursue a common business or venture. We draft the obligations of each party with respect to the type of business they would like to put together. We carefully review contract drafts set forth by your business partner to safeguard you against unfair contract conditions.

Our tean is knowledgeable on all the legal avenues required in fulfilling and implementing your joint venture transactions. We provide legal opinions with which type of business entity best fits your type of business relationship, as well as help determine the tax structure and management control that can easily and quickly resolve any related intellectual property, dispute resolution, profit sharing, and termination issues that may occur.

Our expert attorneys have experience to handle all of your joint venture transactions. We have helped many clients successfully implement their joint venture agreements and also assist in the formation of strategic unions which will make your organization stronger, more prominent, and more profitable.