Loan Documentation

The Victoria Law Group offers loan documentation review which assists commercial lenders and borrowers with their loan transactions. We understand the importance of having the proper legal documentation of loan agreements which will be entered into and how to prevent future legal disputes. We will assist you with the legal compliance of the documents which will protect your business from unnecessary losses due to incomplete or insufficient documentation, and we strive to make sure you avoid unwanted surprises.

The Victoria Law Group provides fast and efficient assistance with the following documents:
a. Good Faith Estimate
b. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Special Info Booklet
c. Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement (TILA)
d. Broker Agreement
e. Loan Approval or Commitment
f. Settlement Statement

Contact our office for any additional inquiries you may have in the field of loan documentation and we will provide you the quickest and most effective solution to your legal needs.