Securities Matter

The Victoria Law Group has represented a variety of clients including corporate officers, member firms, and registered representatives before securities regulators most especially during critical junctures in SEC enforcement proceedings involving the following legal issues:
a. Unregistered Offerings
b. Ponzi Schemes
c. Insider Trading
d. Mutual Funds
e. Hedge Funds
f. Accounting Fraud
g. SEC Examinations
h. SEC Administrative Proceedings
i. SEC & FINRA Investigations & Injuries
j. State Financial Investigations
k. Market Manipulation
l. Temporary Restraining Orders
m. Misrepresentation in Public Filings
n. Court Appointed Receivers
o. Collateralized Mortgage Obligations
p. Collateralized Debt Obligation
q. Internal Investigations
r. Pump and Dump Schemes

We understand how complex securities regulation and enforcement matters can be and are able to assist you with these issues and help defend and protect you against economic crimes. Our attorneys are experienced in interpreting NASD and NYSE rules and regulations and are up-to-date with the latest changes and interpretations related to securities laws and regulations. We are known for our aggressive and zealous representations which are vital elements to the success of your potential claims.

The Victoria Law Group provides a complete analysis of the facts and law pertaining to your case. We give honest legal opinions based on the merits of each case. Don’t let your assets go down the drain. Have an attorney who has earned a name in the field of Securities Law. Be protected by The Victoria Law Group.