Selling a Business

The Victoria Law Group provides honest legal recommendations when dealing with the sale and purchase of businesses. Prior to proceeding with any transaction, we take the initiative of reviewing and inspecting some of the following items:
a. determination of sale price
b. proper business valuation
c. inventory of all business assets
d. examination of tax consequences
Furthermore, our attorneys can also assist you with the negotiations of the terms and conditions in connection with the sale and purchase as well as the drafting and review of the transaction contract presented to you by the other party. We see to it that the contract contains provisions for protection in case the other party intentionally fails to disclose important information relative to the transaction such as tax liabilities on the part of the seller.
As for those who are interested in purchasing a business, we offer assistance in the drafting and review of the documentation of the following records:
a. tax liens
b. building lease
c. balance sheets
d. assets inventory
e. cash flow statements
f. history of lawsuits
g. employment contracts
h. existing business contracts
i. financial records
j. appraisal of business value
k. assessment of inherent risks
l. accounts payable and receivables