Confidentiality Agreements

Trade Secrets are often the most important assets to a business. Whether it is a formula, design, practice, recipe; processes and patterns which are unknown to the general public but has given the company an edge over its competitors, The Victoria Law Group understands the value of these trade secrets and will assist you in protecting them by all legal means possible. We help our clients prepare and enforce confidentiality and non-compete agreements which include the following:
a. Legal protection of trade secrets
b. Maintenance of valuable confidential professional and business information
c. Preservation of relationships amongst existing customers, clients, patients by
non-disclosure of private information pertaining to these transactions
d. Defense of goodwill that are associated with on-going business or professional practices
like trademarks, trade area, geographic location or marketing area of the business

However, our services are not limited to employers but it also extends to employees, who have been wrongfully sued for breach of contracts because of over-restrictive confidentiality agreements that were forced on them by their employers. Our team will meticulously look into this matter and provide you with the best legal advice on how to handle and resolve these situations.