Distribution Agreements

Distribution Agreements contain several elements which must be taken into consideration and without the assistance of a competent and knowledgeable lawyer to draft and construct these business agreements, you may end up on the wrong end of a bad deal. We will assist you in the drafting of your distribution agreements and will guarantee that the following essential ingredients are contained therein:

a. Territory
b. Performance
c. Products
d. Price and Payment Terms
e. Shipping Terms and Risk of Loss
f. Terms of the Distribution Agreement
g. Restrictions on the Distribution particularly that which is associated with the carrying of competitive products

The Victoria Law Group has several highly skilled, strategic business attorneys who can assist you with the complexities of distribution agreements. Our lawyers who focus on distribution, franchising and licensing can provide you with creative solutions to your legal concerns. They will not only use their legal expertise to help solve your problems but will also assist you in creating new opportunities which will improve your business transactions and prevent future issues.