Employment Agreements

The Victoria Law Group offers drafting and review of employment agreements, which will assist in protecting you from possible future legal disputes. We will make certain that all terms are clarified and spelled out according to your specifications so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding between you and your employees in the future. To do so, we see to it that the following vital information is suitably contained in your employment agreement:
a. job description of the employee
b. rate of compensation in compliance with the job description specified
c. reimbursement guidelines for any necessary and reasonable expenditures
d. confidentiality principles and guidelines
e. due punishment in case of breach of contract
Moreover, we do all the necessary adjustments which the employer may deem necessary especially in instances which involve exceptional employer-employee relationships. Any disputes which may arise amidst these precautionary legal measures can be addressed and resolved through our team of legal experts. Do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss your employment agreement situations and we will provide you with the best legal option available to assist you.