Non-Solicitation Agreement

Non-solicitation agreements are typically prepared to protect the marketing and client development investments made by employers. There have been cases in the past where former employees were sued in court because he or she had violated the company’s rules set forth in its non-solicitation agreement. If you are one of those former employees who have received a complaint in accordance with a non-solicitation agreement then you should discuss your legal situation with The Victoria Law Group so we can offer effective solutions to your legal concerns. We also provide services to employers by drafting and constructing Non-Solicitation Agreements.

The Victoria Law Group has served many clients, both employees and employers, in this field of contract law and we guarantee proper review and drafting of your contract so as to avoid complicated legal issues which may arise in the future. We clarify and explain the terms contained in the agreement and make all necessary adjustments and amendments which our clients wish to have. In a similar manner, we assist employees who were unjustly accused of violating non-solicitation agreements under restrictions that were too broad in the agreement.

The Victoria Law Group is experienced in drafting, reviewing, negotiating and even litigating non-solicitation agreements. We offer the best and honest legal counsel to our client in order to resolve their legal worries.