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Do You Speak Mandarin? The Chinese Are Here

What do you get when you mix an insatiable appetite for expansion with a boatload of cash? China! Coming to a neighborhood near you.

With confidence in their hometown markets fading, Chinese investors are continuing to throw billions of dollars at United States real estate.

In the first half of this year, companies with Chinese backers accounted for $5 billion worth of U.S. real estate purchases, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Macy’s building near Lincoln Road quietly marketed for sale, could fetch $80M

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Carnival Eying Up China

Planning a cruise out of China? Miami’s Carnival Cruise Line can help you. Furthering its push into China, Carnival Corp. earlier this week announced plans to pursue joint ventures that could see the cruise giant owning ships and developing ports and infrastructure with a Chinese development company. Doral-based Carnival, which expects to carry 500,000 cruise passengers in China this year, was scheduled to formally sign a memorandum of understanding in Shenzhen with China Merchants Group. Seems like those Communists sure like spending money!


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Asia: Gambling Boom Staying Local

Although Genting has so far been unsuccessful in cracking the U.S. Market through a substantial toehold in Miami, that hasn’t stopped its competitors from expanding in their own back yard.  Inspired by the success of Macau and Singapore, gambling entrepreneurs are building glitzy Las Vegas-style resorts all over the Asia.  The Chinese may have been slow to capitalism, but they seem to be quick studies when it comes to materialism.

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China Eases Access To Some Service Industries for Foreigners

This is interesting news because there’s only so far that one can race to the bottom in service industries, and it’s hard to imagine that China can have a competitive advantage in the service industry.  Nonetheless, China has eased restrictions on foreign companies in parts of its insurance, travel and delivery industries in a possible effort to reverse a slide in investment from abroad, an American business group said recently.  Not sure if this will be enough to interest Western investors who are have not shown a lot of interest in the sectors thus far.

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New Challengers to China’s Low-Wage, High-Growth Model

What goes up, must come down.  By all measurements, at least two of the BRIC countries – Brazil and China — have come off the boil.  Now the Private global intelligence firm Stratford has come up with a post-China 16 list of countries that could follow China’s low-wage, high-growth strategy to emerging status.  The MIST countries – Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey – are a cut above that, but they are fast closers.  But to be sure, neither China nor Brazil are going to disappear, they’ve just come back to earth.

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New Challengers to China’s Low-Wage, High-Growth Model

U.S. and Chinese Militaries Play Nice Together

It’s no secret.  The U.S. is the world leader in marketing and sales of military equipment.  The Chinese have a lot of discretionary income and are trying to throw their weight around Asia, if not the world.  So, instead of blatantly stealing U.S. military hardware, why not simply buy or co-opt it!  It’s a better business model.  A top American military commander said this week that the United States Army was working to start a formal dialogue and exchange program with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army before the end of the year.  Why not, we have common frenemies:  Russia, North Korea, India, and Pakistan.

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China onboard with Nigerian High Speed Rail Project

While the U.S. and Russia were busy huffing and puffing over the Crimea, China was busy conquering the world…with their money. Or, more accurately, the money that the U.S. used to have.

And the Chinese aren’t just arming a bunch of warlords. No, the Chinese are investing in infrastructure to move oil and people from A to Z. Efficient railways play an important role in the socioeconomic development of countries.

So, who needs more developing that Africa? Who has more unexploited resources than Africa? And the largest oil producing country in Africa is the beneficiary of China’s largess. Nigeria has received $600 million of what will eventually be billions of dollars to build a 2,000 mile (3,218 km) nationwide high speed rail (HSR) system. The first tranche is a 20 year loan from China’s Export Import Bank to build an 850 mile (1,367 km) section. Eventually the project will cover 54 stations, freight and passenger travel serving the capital Abuja, surrounding areas and most of Nigeria. All aboard Africa.

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China onboard with Nigerian High Speed Rail Project

China Needs to ‘Habla’ “Latin American”

The problem with emerging markets is that sometimes they just don’t emerge, or if they do emerge at all, it’s often long after investors have moved on.  China is potentially learning this hard lesson in Latin America, this hard and expensive lesson.  China today is much more than South America’s second largest customer. China is the largest source of soft loans to these governments. With growth slowing, skyrocketing municipal debt may soon lead to a fiscal crisis.  A tough way to learn local markets.

Read John Price’s Latin Trade article here: http://bit.ly/1ikY3uh

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Chinese Face Behind Nicaragua Canal

Wang Jing, the enigmatic businessman behind Nicaragua’s $50 billion Interoceanic Grand Canal, shrugs off skepticism about how a little-known entrepreneur can be driving a huge transcontinental project, insisting he’s not an agent of the Beijing government.

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