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Latin America: Region Getting Bigger Slice of the Pie

The business relationship between the hemispheric partners is becoming more rosy by the day. The U.S. and Latin America are enjoying a robust trading relationship despite disagreements with some countries. We have agreed to disagree but not be disagreeable, at least some of us.

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Guatemala Within Guatemala, Only Different

This seems like a trend that is happening around the world, beginning with the “Gated Communities” here in the U.S.  People with relatively higher incomes who want to separate themselves from the riff raff that comes with poverty and inept local governments.  The trend has now extended to the Guatemalan town known as Paseo Cayala.  In this neighborhood, the highway climbs toward the edge of Guatemala City, past deep ravines where the poorest residents of the capital live in thousands of cinderblock huts, roofed with plastic sheets and powered by black cables stealing electricity from nearby lampposts.  However, as the Chinese, the French, and others have learned throughout history, riff raff has a way of finding you, no matter how tall or big your wall is.

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Guatemala Builds Private City To Escape Crime

Perú #1, In Counterfeit U.S. Dollars!

Perú doesn’t get the attention that other countries in LatAm get, but she’s a very important, strategic hub for both legal and illegal activities.  For example, according to the U.S. Secret Service – and we all know they spend plenty of time in LatAm, for both legal and illegal activities – Perú has surpassed Colombia as the No. 1 spot for producing fake U.S. currency. Apparently, the Peruvian counterfeiters’ do pretty good work.

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Peru Counterfeit Kings

China Needs to ‘Habla’ “Latin American”

The problem with emerging markets is that sometimes they just don’t emerge, or if they do emerge at all, it’s often long after investors have moved on.  China is potentially learning this hard lesson in Latin America, this hard and expensive lesson.  China today is much more than South America’s second largest customer. China is the largest source of soft loans to these governments. With growth slowing, skyrocketing municipal debt may soon lead to a fiscal crisis.  A tough way to learn local markets.

Read John Price’s Latin Trade article here: http://bit.ly/1ikY3uh

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Argentina Says ‘Hell No, We Won’t Pay!’

Argentina may not be an island, but it sure acts like it sometimes.  Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, is refusing to go along with a U.S. judge’s ruling requiring a $1.5 billion repayment of defaulted bonds, even though the U.S. Supreme Court rejected her government’s appeals and left the order in place.

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