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Need A Loan to Purchase U.S. Real Estate

The Cash only days are long over, and the old-fashioned banks are finally catching on. Hey, they have to figure out a way to make money too, right?

While the strong dollar and rising home prices have deterred many foreign buyers in South Florida and across the country, more are turning to nontra-ditional mortgages to finance their home purchases.

Foreign buyers often pay cash for residential real estate in the U.S. – a whopping 50 percent did so in 2015, according to the National Association of Real-tors. Large cash deposits have also fueled Miami’s latest condo boom.

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Do You Speak Mandarin? The Chinese Are Here

What do you get when you mix an insatiable appetite for expansion with a boatload of cash? China! Coming to a neighborhood near you.

With confidence in their hometown markets fading, Chinese investors are continuing to throw billions of dollars at United States real estate.

In the first half of this year, companies with Chinese backers accounted for $5 billion worth of U.S. real estate purchases, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Macy’s building near Lincoln Road quietly marketed for sale, could fetch $80M

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New “Downtown Miami” Film Student Has a Tenant: MTV

Wasn’t it Sting and Dire Straits who sang “I want my MTV”? I can here that song echo in the background as Miami residents can now say “I got my MTV”, or something like that. Viacom International Studios, which produces shows for Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central worldwide, has set up shop in downtown Miami.

The company will move into the 88,000 square-foot facility at 50 NW 14th Street, which was unveiled Monday by the Omni Community Redevelopment Agency. Built at a cost of just over $14.5 million, the structure features two high-tech 15,000 square-foot sound stages with 40-foot ceilings, along with ample office space and post-production, dressing, wardrobe and conference rooms.

World class facilities will house a world class production outfit, making more room for those highly desired Miami based reality shows like “South Beach Towing”. World class.

Read Rene Rodriguez’s Miami Herald article here:

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Miami is New Lifestyle City According to CNN

Work hard, play hard. The combination of the Millenials and the Latin American influence make Miami a perfect place to attempt to achieve that work/life balance. Holly Firfer takes a look at how you can experience Miami while you get work done. Maybe you can have it all, in Miami.

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Miami in Push to be Tech Hub Through eMerge Americas

Miami, people, tech, networking, a possibility? When Manny Medina and Pitbull virtually rang the Nasdaq closing bell in the center of eMerge Americas with a crowd of people cheering them on, it seemed to symbolize that it is Miami’s time to shine

“It’s kind of ironic, as the CEO of a Nasdaq company (Terremark), I never got to ring the bell,” quipped Medina, the founder of the technology conference eMerge Americas, which opened Monday and continues Tuesday at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Tech pioneer Medina, who founded and sold Terremark in 2011, has a big mission for eMerge Americas: to help build South Florida into a tech hub of the Americas. But he said he never expected as much momentum toward the goal in Year 2. He credited much of that extra buzz to eMerge’s partnership with NBCUniversal and its 147-million viewer reach. Indeed, many of the network’s programs were filming from eMerge, including MSNBC’s The Rundown with Jose Diaz-Balart and CNBC’s Fast Money.

Medina said attendance will be well over the expected 10,000 people, and more people were streaming in Monday afternoon. More than 500 companies — from start-ups to giants — are participating this year, representing more than 50 countries. For Year 2, “we have been overwhelmed by the interest and excitement — I couldn’t be more proud of the progress,” Medina said.

Read Nancy Dahlberg’s, Chabeli Herrera’s, and Jane Woodbridge’s Miami Herald article here:

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Artist to Litigator: Miami’s Own Brazilian Artist Romero Britto Suing Apple

In his own world, Miami Brazilian Artist Romero Britto is the “category King”.  He is known for his crayon-bright colors, black lines and bold patterns.  He is suing technology giant Apple – the international category King — and a London design firm in Miami federal court, contending that the centerpiece of Apple’s worldwide “Start Something New” ad campaign resembles his artwork.

The 29-page suit, filed April 6 on behalf of Miami Beach-based Britto Central Inc., claims that the central image in Apple’s campaign infringes on Britto’s “trade dress” and creates unfair competition.

Named in the suit: Apple, based in Cupertino, Calif., and the design firm that created the campaign, Karl Maier, Ltd., composed of Craig Redman of New York and Karl Maier of London

It’s good pop culture if nothing else.

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Finance Industry Blossoming in Miami

New York, London, Dubai, Singapore…Miami?  Yes, believe it.  While Miami’s finance scene may never blossom into “Wall Street South” — recent efforts to attract hedge funds and other investment firms to South Florida are starting to pay off. “We’ve seen huge growth in businesses that used to be tangential parts of the industry here,” said Juan Carlos Campuzano, president of Oberlin Wealth Partners, an Ohio-based investment advisor that opened a Brickell office in 2013.  The Downtown Development Authority, the Beacon Council and others are leading the charge.

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Bacardi Rum Gets Design Makeover

To paraphrase: “A Rum by any other label, would still taste as sweet.” After more than a decade, Bacardi Rum is getting a redesign. The company announced Wednesday on its 153rd anniversary that it’s releasing new packaging with an Art Deco-influenced style. The Bacardi bat logo represents good fortune, good health and family unity and was influenced by drawings from the early 1900s. The label draws from fonts used at the Art Deco El Edificio Bacardi, the brand’s former sales office and bar in Havana, Cuba.

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Carnival Gets Miami Guv Subsidies for Huge Ship

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back.  You want our gigantic ship, you have to give us some government subsidies.  And so it goes.  Carnival plans to bring the largest ship in its history to Miami, docking the nearly 4,000-passenger Carnival Vista at PortMiami as part of an extended deal for subsidies from Miami-Dade County. The extended lease with Miami-Dade’s PortMiami would extend Carnival Corp.’s tenure there through 2028, with an option for Carnival to stay through 2035. Carnival pays rent, but it also receives subsidies in the form of revenue from nearby port garages and cash paid as “marketing” incentives to promote their Miami cruises. Miami-Dade also agreed to spend up to $10 million upgrading Carnival’s port terminals.  That’s what you call a corporate handout.

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Another Tech Deal Done in Miami, with Belgian Flavor

The entrepreneurial dream:  start a company, grow a company, cash out and move on to the next.  For a South Florida entrepreneur and a former University of Miami heart surgeon who teamed up two and half years ago to create a medical device company for cardiac surgery that’s exactly what they’re doing. CorQuest Medical has been sold to a publicly traded Belgian company that aims to take its technology to market.  In other words, the founders are looking at new homes.

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